Monday, November 30, 2009


With Advent comes a reminder that we must prepare ... At my church growing up there was often a certain song we would sing at Midnight Mass ... Prepare Ye the Way! I love the melody simply because it's fun to sing but really are we preparing ourselves ... wait a minute ... WHAT are we preparing ourselves for? For Christmas? Okay sure Advent is a time of preparation of the coming of Christ but we sometimes forget ... Christ already came! Sure let's celebrate but this preparation isn't over when Dec 25th rolls around. Are we preparing for the 2nd coming of Christ? Are we preparing for the moment in our lives when our mortal body will no longer be alive? Are we prepared to meet our Maker? To be united with him in heaven? Are we prepared for that ...

Or we are just living ... continually on the run, or walking aimlessly along? What's our destination? Is it Christmas morning or is it the joys of eternity?

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