Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pouring Out

It's been an interesting evening tonight as I've been sharing my news of recent. My position of youth minister is being eliminated due to budget cuts. I have been experiencing many emotions but tonight is definitely been the roughest to experience ... telling the kiddos that I won't be there much longer. To see the look of shock and disappointment on their faces ... whew, how to keep it together.

How funny it is to pour your whole self into something for three years and then see the rug be pulled out from underneath you. I am disappointed that these kids have to go through this ... again. I know God has a plan bigger than I can imagine at this point. But I must move forward and continue pouring out my heart.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Ties

So tonight I have been greeted with memories of my dearest late Grandmother, Grandma Genevieve. Why tonight? I don't know what makes this night special ... except well now that I think about it she passed away just around 3 years ago. Oh the memories ... I love you Grandma.

I realize how much I miss certain people even certain things: a hug to show affection, a stupid yet funny joke, my comfy firm bed, a hearty Sunday brunch, a small peaceful town, beautiful country plains, a faithful quiet church. I can't say that I'm proud that I didn't go see my family this Easter. I realized today how much I miss them.

Don't let your heart wander to far. Stay in touch. You might have to sacrifice, you might have to swallow your pride, you might even have to humble yourself but do it out of love.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Oh what a blessing the open road has been. Unfortunately I haven't encountered anything unusual or exciting to tell you but I do have one funny story.

How flexible are you? So I realized while preparing myself for a day on the sunny sands at Daytona Beach that when applying suntan lotion on oneself it is pretty much impossible to get your whole back covered. So with much futility I struggled, strained and stretched trying to coat my pale skinned back of which hadn't seen sun for a few months. By the end of a nice relaxing day of wandering on the beach and playing in the waves (Note to self: it's weird being at the beach by yourself yet surrounded with hundreds of people, next time vacation with other people.) I happily made my way back to my lodging to admire a bit of a tan I had soaked in. Although as I turned admiring my body (uh ... I mean my tan-ness) in the mirror I noticed a nice red square on my back. (Note to self: ask a cute girl on the beach next time ... and then maybe you also won't be by yourself.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Experience The Now

So in an attempt to rejuvenate, I have hit the open road and am getting away for awhile. Now although I have been driving for a couple days now and I'd like to be at a destination (although tonight I am enjoying the company of a cousin in Atlanta), I realize that life is much like what I am currently experiencing - a journey. Sure it's a journey but that leads me to other thoughts ... where are you going? And if you are mindful of your destination the only thing that matters right now in the now is your journey. Are you living it fully? Are you on the path that you want to be on? Are you mindful of "smelling the flowers" or are you rushing to make it somewhere?

In driving on the open road, I've realized that I speed ... often. My brother-in-law's habit of driving SUPER SLOWLY has always bored me to death and annoyed me greatly. But really are we rushing to get some where or are we enjoying the journey? Enjoy the journey ... enjoy your life!