Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Desert

Oh Jesus how I need your grace and mercy. I am in a desert. That is how I feel right now. Yet I wonder how fruitful this time has been for me. What is this desert I speak of? The past 9 months have been a desert experience for me. For in my meditations this Holy Week, I am seeing some beautiful and thought provoking metaphors between Jesus' time in the desert and my time in Manhattan.

Although Jesus never fell into the temptations of Satan, I must confess though that I have fallen. I have been tripped up by Satan's scheming as well as my lack of trust and faith in Jesus or the prideful ways I keep trying to contend with Satan through only my own power. I need you Jesus.

I feel alone, tired, apathetic, lazy and hungry. Definitely not hungry for food, hungry for a more fulfilling way of life; life lived in the spirit of God, life impassioned with the sacraments, life absorbed with His divine power and strength.

Be perfect as God your Father is perfect. I can only do or attempt such a command if I am united ever so constantly to our Lord in prayer and thought. May this Holy Week be a chance to unite ourselves ever more closely to our Savior.

Did I mention that the chapel here at the student center has a line of students waiting for confession - a line that loops all the way around the back of the chapel and out into the lobby - Awesome? Yes, definitely!

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